Glass Unlimited

Glass Unlimited

AGC Glass is benchmark for innovation and global leader in float glass for the construction industry, automotive, solar energy and other specialized industries. Driven by innovation, its signature is “Glass Unlimited".

Architecture & Façade

Glass Unlimited

Architecture & Façade glass: reflective glass with functional coating. Combines aesthetic appearance, reflection, light transmission, thermal and acoustic insulation and solar control, among others.
Interior & Design

Glass Unlimited

Interior & Design glass: an inexhaustible creative possibilities and an infinite variety of appearances textures, colors, and interplay of light.

Glass Unlimited

Automotive glass: windshields, side windows, backlight, and panoramic roofs... and also with advanced features, such as heated windshields, infrared and UV protection, and displays, among other.

Glass Unlimited

Solar energy glass: innovative solutions for all kind of solar energy technology such as photovoltaic panels, solar thermal panels, and mirrors.

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Latest News




AGC Vidros do Brasil: moving forward!

The construction of AGC Vidros do Brasil plant in Guaratinguetá under evolution.


Operational office opening

AGC Vidros do Brasil operational office opening in Guaratinguetá/SP.


AGC invests €320 million in construction and automotive glass production in Brazil

AGC is set to move into Brazil’s construction and automotive glass markets, investing €320 millio...


Are you professionally involved in glass applications for the construction industry, as specifier, architect, engineer or designer? Then (under construction) is just what you need!